Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Delivery

I've been waiting for the deliveryman.

Twice now he came to the door with a parcel and each time, there was nothing for me. Imagine my delight when his visit today brought a book I ordered two weeks ago.

Now I'm the new owner of a pre-loved book, English Through the Ages. A must for all writers of romance set in a bygone era, this book tells me when a word came into common usage.

Armed with this reference book, I can now confidently know the word 'baby' came into use as a term of endearment in 1870. Really. That long ago...  Lucky for me my hero and heroine whisper sweet nothings in 1875.

Now if I want my heroine to wear a 'tea gown' for an afternoon of entertaining, well, I'll have to wait another 5 years, as that word entered common English in 1880.

And speaking of gowns, and the delicates underneath... not more than half an hour after my first delivery, another one arrived. Yes, two books in one day!

This time the happy arrival was The History of Underclothes. I know... the things I read!

But come on... when you need to know anything about the chemise, the corset, bustles and drawers... you'll know who to ask, and I'll be pleased to dip into my ever growing library of all things yesteryear and we can find the answer together.