Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11- Someone you talked to today

Today, I talked to my mum on the phone. Twice. This happens most days, as we like to 'visit' each other and find out the goings on of family life.

Isn't she beautiful?

Sometimes I forget she ever had a life without me in it. That she was a young girl with hopes and dreams of her own like everyone else. That when she was 14 she spent a year in school with a wicked teacher who wouldn't let any girl cut their hair and forced them to wear it in long plaits. Aren't hers gorgeous?

I forget that in 1959 she went on a school excursion to the beach and was the only girl to pose for the photographer in mourning clothes, as her father had died earlier that year. I forget she toured famous archeological sites around Greece and played a guardsman in the school play. That her summers were spent picking cotton on the family farm when all she wanted was to escape to Australia and start afresh.

Ten years after this photo was taken, she was a new mum, with me to talk to.

She talked to me so much I knew how to speak earlier than most babies, and could recite Bible verses well before my 2nd birthday.

We haven't stopped talking since. There's always something to hold off for the next time we chat. Which will probably be tomorrow, while I do the ironing with the phone cradled under my chin.

Love you Mum. xx