Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12 - Fork

Have you ever had one item in your house which everyone wanted, only because it was one of a kind? My mother had one in her kitchen when we were growing up. It was an ugly grey and brown melamine plate which came too close to the gas stove one day and sported a scorch mark for the rest of its working life. This burnt edge made it different, and by some strange turn, special. So special my brother and I would leap across the room to ask for it when Mum dished up our tea each night. It wasn't even pretty. But still, we fought over it for its individuality.

Fast-forward 20 years and my own young family scored their own 'special' kitchen item. A fork, brought home after a business trip to China by my Beloved. His hosts had kindly given it to him and advised he hold onto it for the whole trip, in case chop sticks didn't thrill him.

As he unpacked, we were all bemused to see the addition of a stainless steel fork to the pile of gifts he'd brought home.

Said fork soon took on the name, The China Fork. No surprises then, that my own offspring soon hollered to have their turn with The China Fork beside their plate. Too bad if you'd eaten with it the night before. You would have to wait your turn another two nights.

And the reason this fork took on such appeal?  It had a story. Nothing any other piece of cutlery in the drawer could match.

And isn't that what grabs our attention? In our ordinary, garden variety, everyday kind of world, we like to hear a story, no matter how simple.

Once upon a time, I fell in the fire.
One upon a time, I was smuggled out of China.

And in the case of the silver fork in today's picture... Once upon a time, I was dug out of the ground where someone had buried me years before.

True story. I did the digging.

My grandmother did the burying.

See what I mean. Story pulls us in. And holds us there.

Got an ordinary item in your home with a cool story of its own? Come share with me and add to my comments. I'd love to hear it.