Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15 - Car

Now if today's challenge had been horse and carriage, I would've been set. I have a wonderful photo of my Beloved in New York in one of those Central Park horse and buggies.

Had it been bicycle, I would have raced outside to take a shot of an old bike I've got gathering cobwebs and earmarked for a garden makeover.

But no. Today, I had to photograph a car. Not easy, when you want to stick to your theme of old world-romance.

Thankfully, my Beloved likes to collect vintage style replicas of old model cars. Prettier to the eye and more romantic than the family car in our garage, this is an 'ornament' car I don't mind having around. I guess some boys never outgrow their love of all things... brmmm brmmm! Thankfully it's a miniature, with no petrol tank.

And I guess I should be glad I don't have to care for the old fashioned mode of transport either, by mucking out a horse stall and filling buckets with oats.

But I've ridden in an Amish buggy. I've listened to the sounds of the night as our host let his horse meander 'round the streets and take us the long way home. To the slow clip clop of hooves on a wet road, where our hearts became endeared to a way of life less rushed and more in tune with the smell of rain and grass.

If I could choose it would be horse and buggy in the rain. Every time. How about you?