Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26 - Key

I've run away from home for a couple of days. With the blessing of my Beloved I get to sneak in a few writing days here and there. So here I am at Phillip Island, where the house is quiet and the beach twinkles from nearly every window.

If I'd been at home, I don't know what I'd use as my subject for today's picture. But here at the beach house, there's an old dinning room dresser my grandmother kept in her house for many years. With a mirrored back to the display case, it reflects my mother's coffee set and other glass pretties now. And has, for me to admire, an old fashioned key in each cabinet door beside the shelves.

Very yesteryear. Something I'm glad I had the chance to look at from a closer angle, as I have passed this dresser many times and not really looked at the key.

And that's what I love about this challenge. The closer inspection of things around me. The appreciation of something until now, insignificant, but really beautiful when admired up close.

I wonder how much of life I ignore in my rush to get through each day. How many beautiful pictures there are still to be discovered if I slow my pace and hunt them down.

I've been working on scenes today where my hero is involved in a hunt, of sorts. And I've had lots of fun with him and my heroine, the subject of his other, more significant 'hunt.'

It's so much fun to mess with these dear people, I mean characters. So you will excuse me, while I feed the cat and mouse, and nudge them along as he works out it's more than a hunt. That if he's going to get the girl, he'll have to find the key to her heart.