Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27 - Your Name

I was named after my dear grandmother.

In a tradition I love, my Beloved and I also named our own daughter in honour of my mother, and our sons carry their father and grandfathers' names too. While we like the meaning of all our children's names, we chose them because we wanted to reflect something more personal - our family history.

When I thought about a name for my blog, I tested lots of variations. In the end I settled on Ink Dots. I shared the story behind my blog name back in 2009, just after I began blogging, but for some of my new friends, here's the shortened story, retold.

Ink - Is for the beautiful way a word appears on the page when it's written with an ink pen. One of my favourite Christmas presents is an elegant fountain pen I love to use everyday. There's something romantic about the way the nib scrapes the paper and the purple ink flows, (yes I use purple ink) even if I'm scribbling a quick shopping list. Milk and bread look so much better with violet tails and swirls.

Dots  - Well, that's me. Dot, Dotti, Dorothy. I go by all these names. Dots is what the ink makes on its way to becoming words. Little splatters which join and blend and become the message on the page.

My stories. My ink dots. My Ink Dots.

Most parents choose their children's names with great consideration. I did the same with my children and I like to think I did the same with my blog.

Is there a story behind your name? Were you lumped with an old family name you hated as a child, or did your parents give you the perfect name, for you.

I'm happy with Dorothy. It will always remind me of the beautiful woman I was named for. It's old fashioned, which I've come to appreciate more and more over the years and it means gift of God.

How about you? What's the story behind your name?