Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28 - Trash

Or as we like to call it in Australia, rubbish.

You would have to club and gag me, lock me in a closet and sneak your way to my rubbish bins yourself, if you really wanted to see my trash on this blog. After years of carefully choosing romantic pictures for here, I can't believe it has come to this.

Instead, I reluctantly offer you a quick peek at my food scraps, as they looked this afternoon on their way to my beautiful chickens. (These girls don't just hatch for me, they dispatch too.)

They dispatch of all my kitchen rubbish, by sifting through onion skins and potato peelings (which I know they don't care for) to find morsels like the tops of tomatoes and watermelon skins.

I mix it all together and toss it into the coop, as I know what they don't eat they'll scratch into the dirt. One day, when the mood strikes me, I'll get in there with boots and spade and dig it all up. And by then it will be compost - black gold!

This compost gets stored under the apricot tree where we wait for the heat of the chicken manure to dissipate before spreading it all over the veggie garden. I'm convinced it's the reason Crabapple House grows amazing apricots.

It's a circle of life thing. Beauty for ashes. Another reminder from my everyday simplicity, that God wants me to consider Him as I go about my day.

To remember His desire for rescue. For redemption. For new birth.

My garden and it's cycles always show me earthly glimpses of my Heavenly Father. What better place to consider the first Gardener, than in the setting where He walked with the people He created?

A place where He didn't abandon the 'trash' to be collected and destroyed, but set humanity on a course for transformation.

And now, He calls us Beautiful.