Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29 - Feet

Like trash, feet are not for blogging. Are they? Well, maybe when they're the cute footprints of your own children, aged 3, 7 and 9.

Stamped into a small slab of concrete for a garden shed, we marked our property with their little feet shortly after we moved into Crabapple House, ten years ago.

As a new build, everything we've done has pressed our individual mark here. But this is one of my favourites. With their initials and date scratched into the concrete, it's as permanent a reminder as one can get, of who they were when we moved in.

I can't help think of the many steps they've taken since. Steps we've guided and illuminated, others they've taken for themselves. Some misguided, but most in the right direction.

As quickly as this concrete weathered (I had to rub dirt into the crevices for this photo) I know they will outgrow and fade away from their childhood years. I'm in no rush to see it happen, although I have enjoyed watching them leap into the world they're eager to explore.

And while they have many steps to take in the days ahead, I hope they don't rush too much. That they remain standing, as they did on the concrete slab, when standing is what's required. Just as Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and calls for us, He also requires those who respond to stand firm in their faith and follow Him. To flee from temptation. To stand on holy ground.

This little concrete step is a precious corner at Crabapple House. I've been told if we ever move, we'll have to cut it out of the ground and take it with us as a memento of the time my kiddies got their toes stuck in wet cement.

But even more precious is the foundation laid for them on the solid rock, their saviour Jesus Christ.

And that's where I love to see their feet.