Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crabapple House

Do you have a favourite souvenir?

On Monday, Stephanie Grace Whitson shared her love of all things history, in particular her love of quilts. Now I've dabbled in a little quilt making, but what I love more is seeing a finished piece by those who really know what they're doing.

That's why my Beloved was happy to drive us around every bend in the road when we visited Nappanee in Indiana, in my search for a real Amish quilt to call my own. Our trip to the US marked our 40th birthdays, and we decided one and only one souvenir would be enough for us both.

And what better treasure to bring home than something we can both see and use each day. Our gorgeous quilt claims pride of place on our bed, and if it's not cool enough for another layer, we say, 'We don't need Indiana.'

Thankfully, the seasons are turning in Melbourne now, and my favourite Autumn is finally nudging her way in. While April is meant to bring a fall of leaves and temperatures, we've not really had much need for Indiana...  yet.  But I'm looking forward to colder nights, where the fire fills our room with a honey glow, the peppermint tea steams on the bedside table and we have every excuse to drag Indiana to our chins, once more.

What's your favourite souvenir?