Friday, April 20, 2012

When The Gravestone Tells The Story

Have you ever searched for something... only to find more than you bargained for?

My guest author for the week, Stephanie Grace Whitson, found inspiration, as well as names for her characters in lonely graveyards. Not surprising, as cemeteries offer wonderful story threads at every turn. I've toured my share of graveyards with my Beloved, and squirrelled away juicy details for future projects.

Most of what we learn from tombstones has a few holes in it, so filling the gaps is every writer's idea of a fun game. Unless of course you Google your name and find yourself in a digital cemetery!

Really... I mean look at this!

Did you get a shiver when you worked out the creepiness of this graveyard find?

While my husband John, and I, are very much alive and in no way associated (that we know of) with the dear already or soon-to-be departed in this picture, I can't help wonder freak out there's a grave somewhere, with my name on it.

With OUR names on it!

And the lesson in all this.... Writer or no writer, sometimes, it's not cool to poke around the resting place of dead people. You never know what you might find... waiting for you.

Have you ever Googled your name?

You might be like my friend Amanda Deed. If she Googled Amanda Deed-Ink Dots, she would be one happy blog follower this week. She's the winner of The Key in the Quilt, by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Now that's a whole lot better than your name on a tombstone!

What about you? What do you find when you Google your name? Creepy stories allowed.