Monday, May 21, 2012

Michael Humphrey

This week's featured author brings something different to Ink Dots. More than an historical romance, this book spans the history of mankind and touches every era we know.

Michael Humphrey has a degree in theology from Ambassador University. He currently works at Purdue University in the School of Visual and Performing Arts and has a window cleaning business. He has written and performed poetry on stage and television, sung in a band and dj-ed on the local radio station. All Living is his first published novel.

"They want what they suspect I have."

The first born son of Adam and Eve... is still alive!

He has one week to reveal his secrets to his best friend, Lester, before he moves to the Middle East for one final divine task. But with a ruthless secret society of shadowy evil, known as the Lightmen closing in, time is in desperately short supply.

In order to succeed he is going to need Lester's help. But first, Lester needs a history lesson. With God's permission, Al finally tells of his life as it is and once was.

As Al recounts his story to his only confidant, Lester not only learns the secrets of his mysterious best friend, but the story behind the world's beginning -  and in the process he may even find faith for himself.

Welcome to Ink Dots, Michael. Tell us about yourself. Who are the most important people in your life right now? My wife and five children have always been my top priority in life. In order to succeed on one level you must sacrifice on another. I have never wanted to pursue a career that kept me away from my family for any length of time. I prefer to be home every evening; playing board games, riding bikes, telling stories and having fun together. If I had to pick one family member who daily inspires me to accomplishment, I would have to say it is my wife. She is a light when I'm in shadow, a giggle when I grumble, a buoy when I'm bailing water. It wasn't long after marrying her that the idea for this book occcurred to me. I thank her for encouraginhg me to start, nudging me to continue, and inpsiring me to finish. I have married my muse, and I am filled daily with the wonder and astonishment of her. She is my Keziah. This book is for her.

Wow, that's quite a dedication. What inspired this story? Genesis 3:20 says, "And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living." It was not until the next chapter, that I read "Now Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, 'I have gotten a man from the LORD.' Reading this late one night ten years ago, it occurred to me: Why would Adam name his wife "the mother of all living" before she had a son that most assume was the first born? What if Adam and Eve had other children before Cain and Abel? What if there were a first born son named All Living? Interesting questions. I can see how this took off in your imagination. 

What happened next?  I went to the concordance and looked up the English words 'all' and 'living' in the original Hebrew. 'All' was translated from the word 'Kole' and 'living' in the Hebrew was 'Chay.' Kole Chay. There was my main character. From there the idea for this unknown older brother of Cain and Abel began to take form.

Wow, your writing has taken you on quite a journey. Have you been to Australia? I have never been to Australia, but it's on my 'bucket list.' Cost is the major obstacle, even for just my wife and I. Perhaps when our five children are older. Maybe I should write a book that takes place there and deduct the airfare as a business cost. Hmmm.....

Ok, so if it's not a trip to Australia, what's next for Michael Humphrey? As I was working on this book I realized that I would not be able to tell the entire story that I had in mind in a single work. I originally envisioned a trilogy; the Garden to the Flood, the Flood to Jesus, and Jesus to present day. However, in this first volume, I did not even make it to the flood. Thus the next stage of this series will deal with how to get my main character, Kole and his family through the flood. (Obviously he was not on the boat with Noah.) It will also detail the story of Kole and Keziah, from their burgeoning romance to their 700 year love affair.

It certainly is an intriguing premise... the story of the unknown older brother of Cain and Abel. Here's a peek at chapter one. And for one lucky reader who comments below, Michael has offered a free print copy of All Living. 

All Living 
Chapter 1

                        Al was old but not quite six thousand years old. He sat in the corner booth of a little bar only three blocks form his large Victorian-Midwest house. Next week, when he moved to the Middle East, he'd have to live in a much more utilitarian manner, but all things considered, he was looking forward to it. He had not been to Jerusalem in over 150 years and he missed the old neighbourhood, although news reports showed the area had changed considerably. He sat and stirred his drink, watching the red and white straw push the crushed ice cubes around in a clockwise direction. So much has happened, he thought, so many memories to carry around. It was time to tell his story.

                        He looked at his watch, 7:32. Lester was running late. Lester was a fifty-something -year-old kid he'd befriended over thirty years ago, his oldest living friend. During the last few centuries, Al had become a bit reclusive, content with being more of an observer than a participant. When his personal life periodically flourished he tended to neglect witnessing the rest of the world's activities. He loved so intensely that he could get carried away and forget his real job. What he was actually preparing himself to do.

                       With the entire human race as his family, Al had had many friendships during his life, many loves, so many lost to him now. Dead. Al had buried everyone he had ever cared for. He though about his wife, Keziah. Time for reminiscing later, he knew, even though he remained acutely aware that time was running short for this current existence. Not just for him though, for everyone.

I wish you every success Michael, with All Living and your future writing projects. 

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