Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Migraine Cure?

I have a migraine. I don't remember writing in on my to-do list, but in true headache fashion, it's bumped off more than I care to lose this week.

But I was cheered by an overnight email from a dear writing buddy, Jalana from Tennessee. She received a parcel I sent last week, and oohhed and aahhed with me over all the Australian goodies I sent her family.

In my parcel of lollies and biscuits, I added a box of loose leaf Melbourne Breakfast tea, for that Downunder flavour. Problem is, my dear friend is not so sure how to brew tea using loose leaves.

So here's a recipe I found in one of Australia's earliest cook books, on tea making according to the ancient custom of the Chinese, who invented this well loved brew. This translated version appeared sometime in the 1870s. I wonder if Jalana will try this at home...

On a slow fire set a tripod, 
Whose colour and texture show its long use.
Fill it with clear snow water.  
Boil it as long as necessary to turn fish white, and crayfish red. 
Throw it upon the delicate leaves of choice tea, in a cup of yooe ( a particular kind of porcelain).
Let it remain as long as the vapour rises to a cloud, and leaves only a thin mist floating on the surface. 
At your ease drink this precious liquor, which will chase away the causes of trouble.

Well, if they say so. I'll just find me some clear snow, then.

But for those like Miss Jalana, enjoying warmer weather with no snow, here's another set of instructions you may like to follow.
How to Brew Tea.

Tea recipes, I have. Migraine cures, I don't.

Do you? I will send someone a box of Melbourne Breakfast Tea if they suggest the remedy which brings me relief. All testing will be conducted under the scientific observations of my family, who know well enough, I have yet to win this battle. Won't you help me chase away the trouble?

(photo source - the murmuring cottage)