Friday, September 07, 2012

Bubbles with Pixels?

I wonder how many people risk reading in the bathtub, in this age of Kindles and e-readers. 

Do people do that, or am I so old fashioned I haven't caught on yet?

As I'm not game enough to give it a try, many of my books wear the water mark of evenings spent submerged with yet another paperback.  

While I love the ease of carrying a small library on an ipad or Kindle, I don't fancy losing it all, while juggling water spouts, camomile tea cups and cinnamon candles.

You might, though. I bet someone will put their hand up and admit to mixing bubbles with pixels. 

As for me... when nights are cold, I like to read where no one can find me. Where I can slip as far under the hot water as the hem of my book allows, and with the flicker of a flame or two for company. 

How about you? Do you read in the bath? Old fashioned book, or new technology? 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend, in or out of the tub.