Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Crabapple House

So it's springtime in Australia. Buds and blossoms have already snuck their way into our gardens and before we've had a chance to pack away the feather quilts, the landscape will flourish and chase away the nakedness of winter. 

Crabapple House in Winter

Our street is new to the map. Less than fifteen years old, our trees are growing well, but there's nothing stately here yet. Nothing with roots older than the gardeners who dug holes and planted saplings this last decade. 

Along the boundaries of our corner home, we have six crabapple trees. They're part of the streetscape, designed by local council and added to after we'd built our home. 

Well, at least half of them were. Three were planted on one side when the road was developed. The other three were added later.

As I watched the landscaping crew beautify the street, an idea grew in my mind, inspired by the spring pretties just outside my door. What if we named our house?

Did you know the value of your property increases if it has a name? I didn't. But once I did, and with my crabapples waving a fan of bridal blossoms each year... I couldn't let the idea go 

So I came up with a name.  Crabapple House. In honour of the ladies who stand sentinel around us, and doll themselves up each year when the weather plays nice. 

Now, when my Beloved is away on business, he'll send through a message asking, 'How are things at Crabapple House?' My dear friend Lee, who's been a guest here, will often text 'What's happening at Crabapple House today?' ... and I think that's just brilliant. 

Because it's fun to give your house a name. To add to your family's history, collect the makings of a story already at your feet, and make your own mark. I have more than ownership now -  I have a connection. 

In the same way, God calls us. We don't just belong to Him. He knows us deep enough to go beyond child. Isaiah 43 tells us to not ever be afraid. I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine, says the Lord God.

And in a world where I can name my every possession if I care to, I'm thrilled to know the God of the universe loves me and draws me with a name I could never put a price on. Yes, he knows my name, and even when Crabapple House has fallen into a rubble of bricks... I will still retain my value as the apple of God's eye. And He will still call me by name.

Doesn't that thrill you? 

Ok, so what's happening where you are? Spring or Autumn? Does your house have a name? If not...what name takes your fancy for where you live now?