Monday, October 01, 2012

Amanda Deed

It's a great pleasure to welcome my dear friend and fellow Aussie author, Amanda Deed to Ink Dots. Amanda grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in a Christian home, and found faith at an early age. She has followed her passion to serve the Lord through music and literature since her teen years. Now married, with three children, Amanda enjoys the variety of being a mother, finance administrator, musician and historical romance writer. Her debut novel, The Game, won the 2010 CALEB Prize for fiction, and Ellenvale Gold is currently a finalist for the same prize in 2012.

Black Forest Redemption A man resigned to a life without fulfilment or purpose. A woman desperate for adventure. Set against the tumultuous times of the Eureka uprising in Ballaarat, 1854, the two find themselves victims of an abduction. To escape could mean death. To hope for rescue is not an option. Together they must find a way to survive in an untamed land where bushrangers, dense forest and wild animals are only some of the dangers they must face. Can he find the courage to succeed? Can she realise her dreams of freedom? Will the ordeal forge a bond of love between them, or drive them apart? And above all, will they find their way home?

Welcome to Ink Dots Amanda. Where are you from and who do you live with? I live in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, with my hubby and three gorgeous children. I have lived in this area most of my life and I'm not in a hurry to move, although Queensland and the rainforests call me at times. Don't go too far away. I need to be able to find you for a coffee, now and then.

Tell us how you came to write this book. It is the continuing story in the Jacksons Creek trilogy. At the end of Ellenvale Gold, Rupert Foxworth expressed a desire to get revenge ... and gold. As a result, poor Tony Worthington had to be abducted and held for ransom. Most of the time with kidnapping stories, you see the point of view of the people trying to get their loved ones back. In this case, we see the journey of the victims - how they survive and what they do to escape. It makes for lots of drama, and of course, romance. I also wanted to show more of what happened during the Eureka Stockade, a well known part of our history. 

If you could have lived at another time in history, what would it be and why? I am rather enamoured with Victorian times - the clothes, the hairstyles, the manners, the courtship, the travel and the slower pace of life. Love it all. Me too, sister!!

As an Aussie, what fascinates you the most about our beautiful country? Everything. There is so much this country offers. But, I especially love that red sand from the centre, the colour of Ayers Rock, sorry Uluru, at sunset.

How has writing this book changed you? I was actually going through some really hard stuff at the time (nothing to do with the storyline at all). I had to persevere and write, even though at times I didn't even believe in what I was doing for a while. Thanks to the Lord, he brought me through and (LOL) I went back and edited the flat, lifeless parts out of the manuscript. I think it has made me a stronger writer. What a great testimony of His provision!

Where can we find you on the internet?

You can find me at or on my blog,

Thanks so much for being my guest this week, Amanda. I can't wait to read Black Forest Redemption, and see what happens after the cliffhanger of Book 1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Dotti. Can't wait to return the favour! 


If you'd like the chance to win a copy of Black Forest Redemption, please leave a comment below. I'll announce the winner in the comment thread on Friday. Tell us where you'd like to live, if you had the chance for a sea or tree change. I'd love to live full-time in my favourite spot... Phillip Island. Part beach, part farmland it's the ideal Dotti spot. How about you?