Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Glen Isla House

Running away for a romantic weekend is no chore at the best of times. Ending up at Phillip Island's exquisite Glen Isla House... is my idea of perfection. Thankfully, my Beloved agreed. 

Springtime at Glen Isla House

Nestled is an overused word by many travel writers. But nestled is the perfect word for Glen Isla House. Hidden away from the road at the end of a pretty driveway, she waits for those who appreciate the charms of history, delicious local food, and a vine covered walkway to the beach at the bottom of the garden gate.

Walkway to the garden gate, and beach beyond.
The author hunt for historical details has brought me to many interesting stops. And now I'm here, at Glen Isla House, the 1870s kit home shipped from America to this remote Australian island, south of Melbourne. It's been a family home, working farm, and more recently, Phillip Island's top B&B. 

Featured on TV shows and in magazines, it's hard not to fall in love with the two acre property of house, cottages, gatehouse and heritage listed surrounds. Owners Ian and Madeleine Baker know how to offer seclusion in a romantic setting, with just the right amount of charm and hospitality. They're generous in sharing their home and property, their antique furniture and English style gardens with those who care to stop a while, and step into the pages of history. 

So how could I keep away? How could I not embrace this amazingly restored slice of yesteryear? Knowing my Tennessee critique buddy has floor plans for 19th century American hit homes, I couldn't wait to explore the possibilities. And after a leisurely weekend in the Anderson suite, named after the original owners... I knew.

This is where my characters will play out the continuing story of The Everlasting. (Can you hear me squealing with delight?)

The original 1870s dwelling
In true B&B fashion, our hostess took time from her day to share old photographs, letters and newspaper clippings. She even sat with me after breakfast and brainstormed a few story ideas. The perfect ending to a perfect scouting trip. History, romance and the coming together of a story I'm eager to flesh out. 

Stay tuned, dear friends. I can't wait to share more.

Until then... here's the link to the beautiful B&B with even more gorgeous photos and details. Isn't Glen Isla House the perfect inspiration for an historical romance?