Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Golden Keyes Parson

Golden Keyes Parsons writes historical fiction, and is also a popular retreat/conference speaker. Her highly acclaimed Darkness to Light Series chronicled the journey of her French Huguenot ancestors in 17th century France. Her novel, His Steadfast Love, a Civil War novel set in Texas, released November 2011. Her newest book, Trapped! The Adulterous Woman, is the first in a novella series entitled, Hidden Faces, Portraits of Nameless Women in the Gospels. Golden lives in Waco, TX, with her husband, Blaine.

Trapped - A trap has been set ... by her own foolish heart. A stranger approaches Anna's house in the oppressive heart of the late afternoon before Sabbath. Shielding her eyes against the penetrating rays of the sun, she recognises the familiar gait and realizes he is no stranger. Her hand trembles as, in a moment of panic, she fleetingly entertains thoughts of grabbing her baby and running. But there is no place to run. Her mind flashes back to the events leading up to the present, and the encounter with Jesus that changed her life and set her on the path of forgiveness. 

Welcome to Ink Dots, Golden. Tell us a little about your family. My husband and I have been married for 50 years. We have three grown daughters, eight grandchildren (seven of them boys!) and four great-grandchildren. But of course, I am way too young for that :) We are a very close-knit family and get together as often as we can. Sports activities, band concerts and plays keep us busy with such a big crew. We are both retired pastors and now live in the town where our alma mater is located (Baylor University in Waco TX). We love attending their sports events and being a part of the alumni association there. You're absolutely right! Far too young to be a great grandma! 

I'm a real fan of Biblical fiction. What is the main theme you wish readers to take away when they read TrappedAll of my books have the faithfulness of God at the heart of the story. I would like my readers to come away with the assurance that we can trust God because he is faithful.

If you could follow one historical person for one day and one night, who would it be, and why? I would like to follow Abraham Lincoln around for a day and night. My last full-length novel, His Steadfast Love, was about the Civil War. The courage of that man intrigued me. He made unpopular decisions time after time that held this country together despite the advice and warnings of his counselors and advisors. That the hand of God was on him is so evident.

Have you been to Australia? I've never been to Australia. Truthfully I know very little about your country and would welcome the opportunity to learn about it. Perhaps we can trade books. I'd love to read about the Civil War, and you might like to read about Australia in the 1870s in my book The Everlasting. (wink)

What are you working on now? I just finished the second novella, Alone, The Woman At The Well, in my Nameless Women in the Gospels series. I will start on the third one in a few weeks, Broken, The Woman Who Anointed Jesus's Feet. They all sound intriguing. I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming releases. 

Where can we find you on the internet?

I love Biblical fiction. If you're like me, you might like a sneak peek into Golden's first chapter of Trapped. Here's some of chapter one. If you'd like more, (and why wouldn't you?)... please leave a comment below. One lucky winner will receive their own copy of Trapped. Tell us if you've read Biblical fiction before and what you liked about it. Is a trip into the shadows of ancient days something you'd like to make? I'll announce the winner here in the comment thread on Friday. Good luck.


Thanks for joining us today, Golden. I look forward to exploring your stories and hearing more about you in the days to come.