Friday, November 09, 2012

Marry Me...?

As a romance writer, I love to hear about marriage proposals. And this week, one of my daughter's friends, Natalie, treated us with amazing news. Her sister is getting married, (insert squeal!!) and Natalie had helped her future brother-in-law plan the surprise proposal. Out came her phone with all the sneaky photos she'd taken from behind bushes, to document the happy occasion including the Marry Me sign made of fireworks. 

Yep, you read that right! The guy proposed by saying... "Will you..." and then let the sky say the rest as it lit up with the question... "Marry Me?"

Sigh... so romantic. And worthy of a Disney-Production stamp, I'm sure, as the current trend in proposals is nothing short of a mini extravaganza. Where hero takes heroine's hand and together they enjoy an adventure limited only by the guy's imagination and wallet. 

I've heard of proposals where the bride-to-be is handed a plane ticket at five in the morning and told to make her way across Australia on a treasure hunt. Her prize...? Her Beloved, on bended knee against a tropical sunset with a dirty big diamond and goofy grin. 

Mind-boggling, behind-the-scenes plotting occurs when romantic notions grip those young and in love. How could a girl say no, when her guy's orchestrated the ringing of every bell and whistle? When the flash mob's made up of her family and friends? No siree... these brides can hardly see through their happy tears. Their yes is almost guaranteed, as the finale and reward for such well delivered theatre. 

My proposal was sweet. And private. Just me and my Beloved, (a few interlopers who didn't hang around) and a pretty backdrop of local riverbank and autumn leaves.
But fast forward and you'll find many girls swept quite literally onto a stage with not one, but a few cameras, angled to capture their every gasp. These days, brass bands, circus performers and famous celebrities all chime in to lend a hand, in the modern day marriage proposal. (It's true. Check out Youtube - Surprise Proposals, but have the tissues at hand.)

I love a well planned surprise... on someone else. I would wilt a little to be at the receiving end, no matter how delirious the moment. But that's just me. (I'm a first born. I blame it on that.)

However, if the well intentioned other half of one of my children invited me to be part of their proposal, I wouldn't waste a minute getting to a flash mob rehearsal. That would be so much fun!

Congratulations Maryann and John. May God bless all your days together. 

How about you? Know of any amazing wedding proposals? Would you like to be surprised on a grand scale like some of these lucky brides, or are you the blushing type who prefers candlelight for two?

(Photo Source - David Georgy)