Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Take Me Away...

My Ink Dots guest this week, Patty Smith Hall, was inspired by a scene in Band of Brothers (one of my son's favourite series) for her current release, Hearts in Hiding

Drover's Run - MacLeod's Daughters
And when asked about her desire to travel to Australia, she mentioned the setting of McLeod's Daughters as one of the destinations she'd like to visit. 

I guess those of us who love stories, don't stop at reading them. We escape into scenes just as easily when they're depicted in TV shows and movies. They shape what we know and feel about the world around us and create longings for landscapes far from home. 

Ma and Pa - Little House on the Prairie 
If I could slip into a show to taste a life far removed from my own, I would find it hard to choose between two favourites. But a run around with this little girl would fulfil a childhood fantasy. 

Little House of the Prairie filled many of my television hours. Half-pint was as much a part of my childhood as anyone real. Like many deeply loved characters, I felt I knew them as well as the flesh and blood people in my world. And, boy... did I love Anne (and Gilbert) from Anne of Green Gables!

Anne - With an E

When seasons ended, the wait for new episodes could not have dragged more if they'd been loaded onto a limping ship across the Pacific. 

These days, the wait is almost as bad for Downton Abbey. I see pictures of the latest episodes posted on Facebook, along with the thoughts of those who get to watch them.... many months before I will. Australian devotees know to load up on current episodes and watch them online. Or buy the whole series from overseas sellers. 

I like to wait. To watch each week as a new chapter unfolds. Somehow, it reminds me of my childhood Sunday nights when we would come home from church. I'd slip into pyjamas, gather my plate of Vegemite toast, and nestle in front of the TV for a hour of Walnut Grove or Prince Edward Island. Or anywhere else, my imagination craved. 

How about you? What favourite TV show or movie location would you like to visit?