Wednesday, October 02, 2013

2013 ACFW Conferennce ~ Indianpolis


At the awards gala with my fellow Aussie author, Narelle Atkins
That's the welcome I received when I landed on American soil, last month. The man behind the desk with the stamp and authority and face with no smile, did not shirk his responsibility. He had questions to ask. And he kept his head down while he scanned my passport.

Him: What brings you to the US?
Me: I'm here for a conference.
Him: What kind of conference?
Me: A writing conference. 
Him: Ah ha. And what do you write?
Me: Historical Romance. 

He finally lifted his head. 

Him: Historical Romance, hey? 

He mashed my passport with his stamp and slid it back.

Him: You... (he pointed a finger at my nose) stay out of my wife's head. 

And that's how they let me into the Good Ole USA. 

I smiled, and he returned a quarter smile but I didn't promise to stay out of his wife's head. After all, I came to do just the opposite. To further my book into the hands of readers who will escape whatever their world offers, and slip into some of what I've created. 

And the ACFW Conference of 2013 was just the place to chase that dream. I chatted with agents and editors, and all manner of authors, who gathered me in with advice and affirmation and the punch of promise I've worked toward for years. 

Here's a snapshot of my weekend in Indianapolis, including the special moment Kelly Riley snuck my winner's certificate for the Touched By Love contest, onto my empty breakfast plate. 

What an incredible time of bonding with writer friends, new and already-much-loved, on my quest to capture the head and heart of my reader. 

Thanks for praying for me, dear friends. God was listening and He answered in lavishness I could not have anticipated. 

Hanging, and playing Instagram with Brandilyn Collins. 

Early morning catch up with my dear Jeane Wynn. 

With my Beyond the Borders sister, Canadian, Cherie Tarcia Gagnon 

The one and only Rel Mollet ~ the neigbour I had to meet all the way across the world. 

So excited to meet sweet Joanne Bischof

Smilin' it up with the amazing Sarah Sundin

Stealing a smile with the generous Mary Connealy

Genre night, with darling Suzie Johnson and my Aussie sister,  Narelle Atkins

With my ruby slipper shopping buddy ~ Megan Sayer, all the way from Tasmania

And receiving my winner's certificates from the 2013 Touched by Love contest co-ordinator....

...the beautiful Kelly Riley.