Friday, October 04, 2013

Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver
Q. So what's a girl to do between an exhausting writing conference and a writing retreat? 

A. Bunker down in a hotel room for a few days of solo writing and taking in the local sights. 

On the final day of the ACFW conference I moved on from Indianapolis, into the pretty streets of downtown Denver. I had a few Dotti Days to regroup before I headed up the mountain for a week with Margie Lawson. (Giddy-Giddy Goose Flesh... but more about that in my next post!!) 

Reinforcements... for writing into the night 

I needed those alone days to think and pray about all I'd encountered at the ACFW conference. There's good reason a writing conference is likened to a fire-hose filling a tea-cup. I busied myself finding cold weather clothes for the days ahead, and in between shopping expeditions I worked on my story... shifting scenes, adding more and shaping it up for submission. 

But I kept a close eye on the quirky locals, and soaked in the late summer, Denver-style. 

Glamming it up, Denver style for a little chess

I discovered the lollies have my name on them :)

Brain Food ~ Yum!

Watching Denver hum from my corner street table

Scene Adjustments ~ Additions and Deletions
Because in a few days, I knew I was in for a mountain-top treat, with Margie Lawson and my soon to be Margie-Siblings. 

Sorting the colours for Margie Lawson's Immersion Class

During my shopping days I bought a few gifts for my Ink Dots friends. Share your favourite city in the comments below, for a chance to win something quirky from my US trip.