Friday, April 11, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 15

Visit Your Favourite Cafe

Do I have a favourite cafe? 

Good question. 

In our search for the perfect breakfast stop, my Beloved and I find ourselves still looking. As if it were a military operation. 

We've eliminated plenty of options, and we're intent on hunting down the best one. For us. 

I know. 

It's a first world problem. 

But for now, we're testing the early Sunday morning egg menu in a row of eateries not far from home. Giant windows let in the entire neighborhood, while sweeping scenes beyond let the eye roam to the edge of Melbourne's skyline. The food is ok, but that's not why we return each Sunday on our way to church. 

We stop here, at the same table with brilliant sky views, because it's our place to connect and compare diaries for the week ahead. To sift through the busyness and unpack what's on our heart, as much as what's on the never-ending to-do-list. 

But we have a rule. No talk that might tip us me into tears. We save that discussion for another time. Sunday morning is our time, well guarded and much anticipated. It's where my Beloved asks about my writing schedule and upcoming conferences. Where I ask about his teaching and travelling schedule and what he's dreaming of next. Before we know it, the coffee's all gone and the eggs... well, they weren't so bad, after all. 

There's time for a pot of peppermint tea before we rush off, as well as another half hour to pencil in our lists and reminders. We've committed ourselves, our children and the week to God in prayer, and while it's not all tidy and far... far from perfect, there's a rest that comes from having synchronised the calendars and set each war plan to action. 

Because some seasons of life bring warlike conditions. And the foot soldiers need a place to strategize and muster arms. We do this with prayer, coffee and eggs. And then, we fuel up on a great sermon before heading into the fray of another week. 

Where is my favourite cafe?

Wherever my Beloved sits across the table from me.


Where's your favourite cafe and who sits with you? 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,