Friday, April 18, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 16

Spread Out With The Newspapers. 

Spreading out with the newspapers is one thing. There's local and international news to explore, and my author challenge this week is to consider what my protagonist would have read in his/her newspaper on this day

Thanks to Trove digital newspapers, I've found myself lost in much of the the 1870s, but...

When there's a royal tour happening in the country next door, which then spills into your own, it's easy to ignore the news of old and sink into the hype and pageantry offered by today's women's magazines. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Australia, with Prince George

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting New Zealand and Australia this week, there's been a flood of photos to please the besotted masses of royal watchers. 

I will admit, I'm in their ranks, for reasons deeper than my own fascination with Britain's royal family. 

In 1984, I spent weeks checking between the covers of Australia's New Idea magazine for a story I'd submitted earlier that year. Accepted by Consolidated Press, I'd been sent a handsome cheque (to my fifteen year old eyes, anyway) and knew my story would appear in print.... someday. 

Well, that day arrived when the November issue appeared on supermarket shelves. With Bonnie Prince William on the cover and across the next three pages, no less... with my Story Of The Week buried further along.
Sharing a magazine with a future king

I took the chance to spread out with this old magazine today. To look at my name in print and the story I wrote about my father's immigrant journey to Australia. 

I'm so glad there's no 1980's celebrity on the cover. The history lover in me thrills to have shared my first publication with a future king. One whose every move has, and will be, played out in the public eye for life. Each step to the throne will be watched, while I sift through the shadows and details of life when his grandmother's great, great, grandmother, Queen Victoria, reigned. 

I'll continue to enjoy this tiny brush with royalty, but I'm more excited about an appointment I have with an Eternal King. 

It's not booked in for sometime when He's free to see me. I'm already in His presence. And unlike my well preserved magazine which will fall into a pile of dust someday, my name is written in the book of life. Never to be erased. 

Prince William has no clue about our shared experience in the New Idea magazine. But the record stands in my relationship with the Lord Jesus. It's etched in God's book and there's no better place to see my name. Especially on this Good Friday. 

Blessings to you this Easter,